Etude : un ado américain sur six habitué des sextos

Article paru sur le 18 septembre 2012


Flying rats and mouse-like cats: The streets of beautiful Paris

Living like a hidden society below the grounds, the rats have become a big part of Paris – “La Ville des Lumières” (the City of blinding lights) and so have the pigeons. They are hanging out and are not even scared of the people trying to approach them. How come the situation has become so bad that rats often appear outside of the cellars or tunnels they usually live in? Why are there so many pigeons in the city and why do some people keep on giving them food even though it is now forbidden? Are these pest animals really a threat for the city? Or can they be useful? This is a journey to the filthiest sewers of Paris.

Pigeon attack in Paris – Photo: © Nic Bannon

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Mariah Carey: Comeback Queen?

Multi-Grammy winner Mariah Carey unveiled last week her newest song: Triumphant, from her yet-to-come fourteenth record. And damn, that sounds good.

Mariah Carey on the cover of new single, Triumphant.

July 2001. I’m thirteen years old and I don’t quite understand where Mariah Carey wants to go with the Loverboy song. Not to mention the video. We all know what was going to happen later. Glitter stopped glittering, and the best selling female artist found herself without a record company. Isn’t it ironic? Lire la suite