Interview: Anastacia goes on tour with the album « Resurrection »

Anastacia - Resurrection (2014)

Anastacia – Resurrection (2014)

I met Anastacia and got to interview her when the album Resurrection was released last spring. Three videos were published on but I realised that I was left with many questions (and answers) unused and unrevealed. So I decided to publish the entire interview as Anastacia prepares to go on tour through Europe.
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Flying rats and mouse-like cats: The streets of beautiful Paris

Living like a hidden society below the grounds, the rats have become a big part of Paris – “La Ville des Lumières” (the City of blinding lights) and so have the pigeons. They are hanging out and are not even scared of the people trying to approach them. How come the situation has become so bad that rats often appear outside of the cellars or tunnels they usually live in? Why are there so many pigeons in the city and why do some people keep on giving them food even though it is now forbidden? Are these pest animals really a threat for the city? Or can they be useful? This is a journey to the filthiest sewers of Paris.

Pigeon attack in Paris – Photo: © Nic Bannon

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Mariah Carey: Comeback Queen?

Multi-Grammy winner Mariah Carey unveiled last week her newest song: Triumphant, from her yet-to-come fourteenth record. And damn, that sounds good.

Mariah Carey on the cover of new single, Triumphant.

July 2001. I’m thirteen years old and I don’t quite understand where Mariah Carey wants to go with the Loverboy song. Not to mention the video. We all know what was going to happen later. Glitter stopped glittering, and the best selling female artist found herself without a record company. Isn’t it ironic? Lire la suite

Great idea : rewatching « Dawson’s Creek »

Dawson's Creek

50 points to whoever hits Joey Potter in the head.

I think I’m having a fucking nervous breakdown. Any proof of that? I’m watching the entire series of Dawson’s Creek. And it’s definitely not helping.

First reason: it makes me get violent

Okay, I’ve always had anger issues but wanting to actually hurt physically a fictional character, that’s a premiere, even for me. Come on, Joey Potter. No 16-year-old girl talks like she does. Always angry and complaining, she was never straight with her decisions (how come two guys fight for such a nutcase?), she was a boyfriend thief, an unworthy friend… and many more. In a nutshell, she is the perfect reason to hate Katie Holmes for life.

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Rocking up the politics! Celebs want a piece of cake

She is a sitcom-star from the 90’s but she is running for a presidential nomination under the Green Party. We watched him in action movies but our children know him better as the former Governor of California. Our girlfriends and sisters are in love with him but the stadiums are no longer enough for him… Roseanne Barr, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jon Bon Jovi are some of the celebrities who got involved in politics. But only a few manage to actually make a change. Why do they make these careers moves? Are they really helping? Lire la suite

The representation of politicians in cinema

The seventh art has been the witness of many political representations in the last few years. The main example is certainly The King’s Speech (directed by Tom Hooper) released in 2010, which portrayed the struggles of King George VI to overcome his stammer. What legitimacy do these movies have? Can they be considered as trustworthy as History books or documentaries?

Streep, as Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady"

“A film I wish they could have made another day”. This is how Prime Minister David Cameron reacted on Radio Four to the last Phyllida Lloyd’s movie, The Iron Lady, which premiered in London earlier in January and was released on the screens a few days after. The movie portrays, through an old and forgetful Margaret Thatcher, the memories of her years in power (1979 – 1990). It features actress Meryl Streep as the main character. Cameron regrets the movie came out when Thatcher is still alive, especially

since the movie focuses, according to him, on how difficult is ageing: « You can’t help wondering, why do we have to have this film now? It’s really a film about ageing, dementia, rather than a wonderful prime minister”. Still, Cameron points out the talent of Streep and thinks of the movie as “fantastic” and “a great piece of acting, a really staggering piece of acting”.


If Cameron’s opinion of the movie (which received a Golden Globe Award for the performance of Meryl Streep last weekend) is quite positive, it is not really the case among Thatcher’s men. Lord Heseltine (played by Richard E Grant), Secretary of Defense in Mrs Thatcher’s government between 1983 and 1986, described the film as “tasteless”. He said to The Sunday Telegraph that he received an invitation to see it but he was “not interested”. He added that the film was a “commercial product that will benefit from its depiction of Lady Thatcher suffering from a very serious illness”.

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“I’m not the stereotypical virgin nerd with the spotted face but…”

“… I am a geek”. This is how Fabien J., aged 22, likes to describe himself. Fabien is from Brittany (North West of France) and he is now a student in Journalism at La Sorbonne. He studied History when he was still in Brittany because he was “good at it” and even spent a year abroad, in Brussels, Belgium. “Definitely one of the best years in my life. It made me a better person, I learnt how to be more confident in myself”.

Fabien J.

Fabien J., 22, admits he is "a geek"

When Fabien is asked what is the most surprising thing about him, he does not hesitate: “I love all the computing stuff, video games, American TV shows. I’m a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory”. Why is it so surprising? What are the odds that a 22-year-old guy likes this kind of stuff? “I know people don’t see me that way. They don’t picture me playing with a video game for hours – or even fixing computers”.

Fabien has a nice definition of the word geek: “Today, being geek is kind of in the air. Everybody pictures the guy with the glasses, the braces, the crazy hair and all that stuff. I am not like that but I knew I was a geek even before I knew the word”. When he is asked to show his glasses, he smiles, looks embarrassed, takes from his bag some huge black-framed Ray Ban and says: “Okay, I’ll give you the glasses. But to be fair, I bought them before they became fashionable and I like the old-school look”. Lire la suite