Great idea : rewatching « Dawson’s Creek »

Dawson's Creek

50 points to whoever hits Joey Potter in the head.

I think I’m having a fucking nervous breakdown. Any proof of that? I’m watching the entire series of Dawson’s Creek. And it’s definitely not helping.

First reason: it makes me get violent

Okay, I’ve always had anger issues but wanting to actually hurt physically a fictional character, that’s a premiere, even for me. Come on, Joey Potter. No 16-year-old girl talks like she does. Always angry and complaining, she was never straight with her decisions (how come two guys fight for such a nutcase?), she was a boyfriend thief, an unworthy friend… and many more. In a nutshell, she is the perfect reason to hate Katie Holmes for life.

Second reason: it makes me (even more) sad

I was bored one night and suddenly had the greatest of ideas: “Oh, I never got to see Dawson’s Creek last episode!” Serves me right. I spent the entire episode crying wishing I had stuck to a twelfth rerun of Melrose Place. They fucking killed Jen, the main reason why I watched the first two seasons of the show when it first came on TV. Oh and what about the part of Joey choosing Pacey over Dawson? If we wanted things happening like it does in real life, we wouldn’t waste any fucking time living through a TV show. Call me a purist but the « hero » should get the happy ending. And don’t get me started with the original couples: Ross & Rachel, Brenda & Dylan, Ted and Robin (ouch I guess I’ll be disappointed once more). I’m so idealistic that it makes me sad. And then I decided to watch the entire show. Clever me.

Third reason: I forgot how cute Michelle Williams is

Even though some people might say she looked like a sow with a blonde wig and that she should have never cut her hair, she was damn hot. In your face Joey Potter.

Fourth reason: It made me remember that I thought Meredith Monroe was related to Marilyn

But hey, I was only 12 years old. Gimme a break.

Got to go, the next episode I’m watching is the one when Abby Morgan dies. Remember? That should be fun. Always liked the bitch-faced characters in American TV-shows.


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