The iPod is aged 10

The iPod Classic

Last November 10th, the iPod celebrated its tenth year release anniversary. We all remember the emotion the death of Steve Jobs brought last month. Steve Jobs was the co-CEO of Apple Corporation and died from cancer. After the announcement of his death was made, thousands of people paid him tribute. They went to the Apple stores located all around the world. Many of them thought he was a genius.

Ten years ago, the iPod was brought to our lives. And even if many people consider Jobs is responsible for the quite fast death of the CD, the DVD or the book, it is established that the iPod is one of the best high-tech objects we own today.I think it is funny to go back on time and think about the first time we got an iPod. I remember I was eighteen and it was an iPod Nano, the one with the wide screen. Until then I had only used under brand products, cheap ones, the ones I could afford at the time.

It felt really good, you know, it was something new, getting used to all of this. Getting iTunes on your laptop, putting all the covers so it looked pretty. The real geek fantasy. And then you find out you can setup games. Games. On a MP3 player. How quickly the travels to university everyday would go. And then there were the videos. You could actually watch decent quality videos on a two inches screen. Nothing like a phone. A real smarty in the technological sphere.

The iPod as it was 10 years ago was quite big. I remember it was called the iPod Classic and you could put thousands of songs in it. Amazing and revolutionary at the time. But the decade went on so quickly that it is really weird to realize ten whole years are gone. What else happened in 2001 in the musical industry? The singer Aaliyah died in a plane crash, Michael Jackson released his first original record in almost ten years; Mariah Carey went through a breakdown. And at that time, yes, the iPod already existed.

Now, in 2011, ten years later, Aaliyah did not come back from the dead, Michael Jackson went for a walk on the moon, Mariah Carey is more famous for trying diets than being a singer and tens of new iPods have appeared.

In the five years I have been using iPods I have owned 3 different. The first one as I told was an iPod Nano, which helped me understand the functioning of the Apple machines. The second was an iPod Touch, oh yes, really fancy and everything, big cover arts, nice videos, amazing games. Did not eat for a week to be able to afford it. And then I discovered the iPhone. And that is the genius of Steve Jobs. Combining all you need in one tiny object. No need to stop your player when you receive a call, you have an iPhone, it will do it for you.

Okay, don’t lose it, don’t smash it or don’t brag about it, it might be stolen. That is the inconvenience of gathering all of your useful tools in one. But honestly, would you go for a run now with a USB-key-shaped MP3 player? Well, I guess you could. And that is how Steve Jobs was a genius. He made something that was not a necessity completely essential.


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